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Our Core Values

Strategic IT Staffing was founded on five main values. These values have shaped our hiring decisions as well as the way we approach adding value to our clients and consultants.

Character with Competence: What sets Strategic IT Staffing apart is our demand for people who exhibit strength of character and integrity. We seek out people who not only possess strong professional abilities, but who show true dedication to their work, their clients, and their colleagues.

Trust and Respect: With every assignment, a client trusts us with their business. We know they're counting on us to get the job done, and it's our goal to deliver the people and results they expect. At the end of the day, honoring our promise is the only way to earn real trust and respect.

Commitment: Commitment is the difference between good and great, and no amount of skill can replace it. As a company and as individuals, we excel at what we do because we are committed to our work, our clients, and to one another.

Accountability: Good business means doing what we say. To help guarantee that our clients know exactly what they can expect from us, we make it our mission to hire people who share this belief.

Relationships: Strong business relationships are the foundation of customer service. For us, every client interaction is an opportunity to learn more about our clients and what they need. We also believe in knowing our own people, their abilities, and their strengths. Relationships are the key to delivering the extraordinary customer service we've built our reputation on.