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Look at How Much Work You Do

Have you ever stopped to figure out exactly how much time you have to invest in hiring an employee? Activities like screening phone calls, reviewing resumes and arranging interviews can really be time consuming. This exercise will help you develop an accurate estimate of how much time you spend locating a suitable individual.

Recruiting and Hiring Activities

For the following recruiting and hiring activities, estimate how long each would take to complete. Once you’ve done that, total the number of hours. You may be surprised at what you find!

  • Developing position specifications (job description, compensation package, etc.)
  • Writing, laying out and placing ad
  • Screening phone calls (how many phone calls might you receive to an ad?)
  • Receiving and scanning resumes (how many resumes would you wade through to find a few good ones?)
  • Reviewing resumes
  • Developing a short list of possible candidates
  • Arranging interviews (how many first interviews would you need to schedule?)
  • Conducting first interviews
  • Developing a second short list based on interviews
  • Arranging second interviews
  • Conducting reference checks
  • Extending an offer
  • Sending rejection letters
  • Other recruiting and hiring activities

This analysis makes several assumptions:

  • You get a great response to your first advertisement.
  • The first person offered the job accepts and starts.
  • The first person hired works out for the long-term.

If any of these assumptions turns out not to be true, the figure you just calculated could easily skyrocket!

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