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Hiring Process

You’ve Been Selected as a Candidate.  Now What?

After you’ve created a profile and submitted your resume online, a Strategic IT Staffing specialist will review your qualifications to determine if you are a suitable match for any immediate job openings. If you’re selected as a candidate for a specific employment opportunity, a number of steps take place before the company may extend an offer for a contract, contract-to-hire or direct-hire position. The following outlines some steps you can expect during your job placement process with Strategic IT Staffing.

Speak with Your Career Agent

Once your skills and experience are a verified match for an open job position, you’ll receive a call from one of Strategic IT Staffing’s recruiting professionals to schedule a time to speak to you. During your consultation our staffing specialist will get to know you better by discussing topics such as your previous work experience, accomplishments, strengths and career goals. You may also be asked about key aspects that relate to your job satisfaction, such as educational or growth opportunities, schedule preferences, company culture, dress code and more.

Introduction to Our Client Company

As part of Strategic IT Staffing’s ongoing commitment to candidates, we’ll only present your candidacy to our client companies after we have your permission to do so. Once we’ve contacted you and you’ve expressed direct interest and consent to pursue next steps, we’ll present your information to our client company. Our staffing professionals believe your privacy is of the utmost importance. This is one way Strategic IT Staffing sets itself apart from other employment agencies.

Take Advantage of Our Consultation & Liaison Services

If you require assistance for any aspect of the job search and placement process, such as advice on creating a resume or guidance on interviewing with an organization, Strategic IT Staffing’s professionals are excellent resources.

We also serve as liaison between you and the client company to streamline the job search and placement process. We’ll arrange all telephone or face-to-face interviews with our client company on your behalf and can even assist in contract negotiations when the time comes. If you’re currently employed with another company, we offer guidance for a positive resignation process.

Seal the Deal & Start Profiting

If you are offered and accept a contract, contract-to-hire or direct-hire position with our client company, congratulations! We stay in touch with all of our candidates because we’re dedicated to creating long-term, solid relationships with each person we place. Strategic IT Staffing pledges to serve as a career resource at every stage of your professional development and we look forward to assisting you as your career progresses.

Begin the job search and placement process with Strategic IT Staffing. Create a profile with us and submit your resume online.