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Candidate Frequently Asked Questions

The staffing professionals at Strategic IT Staffing’s Sacramento, San Diego, Seattle and San Francisco Bay Area offices are experienced in addressing questions that professionals have about the job search and placement services we offer. We put together a list of frequently asked questions with helpful answers so you can gain a better understanding of how we can assist you during your career search. If you have additional questions and concerns that are not addressed here, feel free to contact one of our representatives.

What does Strategic IT Staffing do?

Strategic IT Staffing is a staffing company dedicated to connecting top talent to new and challenging employment opportunities with companies in Sacramento, San Diego, Seattle  and the San Francisco Bay Area. Our staffing professionals use a unique and personal approach to create exceptional matches between candidates and clients. Our purpose is to create opportunity and enrichment through work for those we serve.

What are the advantages of working with Strategic IT Staffing over other employment agencies?

Strategic IT Staffing’s exclusive job openings and wealth of resources during the job search and placement process are the main advantage we have over our competition. Our recruitment approach focuses on overall fit between candidates and the companies they work for to ensure our matches share common professional goals and preferences. That's why more than 65% of our contractors receive full-time employment offers from our client companies.

We offer candidates exclusive employment opportunities through relationships with top-rate companies that choose to work with Strategic IT Staffing exclusively for talent needs. In addition, we offer resume and interviewing assistance, along with other vital knowledge, to help candidates secure a job offer. These unique services set us apart from other staffing companies in the area.

How does Strategic IT Staffing save candidates time?

Strategic IT Staffing helps candidates save their valuable time during a job search. Our services for candidates are free, so job seekers have access to a career agent at absolutely no cost. Plus, our exclusive client relationships allow you to tap into a hidden job market and employment opportunities that cannot be found anywhere else. Upwards of 80% of new and changing positions within companies are not posted to the public – which means that having active and current communication with our company is going to give you the cutting-edge over other prospective candidates.

What is Strategic IT Staffing’s fit-focused approach?

Strategic IT Staffing utilizes a fit-focused candidate-client pairing method that focuses on how candidate qualifications and professional preferences meet the culture and job criteria. Our methodology takes into consideration the human-factor elements that make for long-term matches. This approach enables us to place more people in employment opportunities in the markets we serve. The evidence of our success lies in the fact that approximately 65% of our contractors have become full-time employees.

What type of companies does Strategic IT Staffing work with?

Strategic IT Staffing works with top companies in Sacramento, San Diego, Seattle and San Francisco including financial services, biotech, software development, insurance and more. Our client companies look for professionals to fill contract, contract-to-hire and direct-hire jobs for their needs. Strategic IT Staffing delivers talent and provides other staffing solutions to help client companies increase profit and efficiency.

Where is Strategic IT Staffing located?

Strategic IT Staffing’s corporate headquarters is located in Sacramento, CA. Our location in Northern California serves the San Francisco Bay Area with offices in the city. In Washington, we serve the Seattle region from our centrally located office. Southern California is served by our San Diego office.

Contact Strategic IT Staffing to get started on the employee search and placement process through the location of your choice.

What types of jobs does Strategic IT Staffing place?

Strategic IT Staffing specializes in placing contract staffing, contract-to-hire and direct-hire placement.

Why are some of the jobs Strategic IT Staffing offers not found on the Internet?

Our staffing agency maintains exclusive relationships with a host of leading client companies in Sacramento, San Diego, Seattle, and San Francisco areas. That means that many of the jobs we offer cannot be found anywhere else. In fact, many job seekers specifically enlist our help because of the companies we serve. Our opportunities represent a hidden job market for those simply using the Internet for their job search.

What happens to a resume after it is submitted to Strategic IT Staffing?

Once the staffing professionals at Strategic IT Staffing receive your resume, they will review it for consideration for the employment opportunities offered through our company. You may receive a phone call from a staffing specialist to discuss next steps. If you are not selected for any current job positions, our staffing professionals will keep your resume on hand for future employment opportunities.
As part of our ongoing candidate commitment, one of the many factors that distinguish us from other professional staffing agencies is that our staffing professionals do not submit resumes to client companies without prior consent from the candidate.

What is the job placement process?

After you are selected as a candidate for one of the employment opportunities we offer, there are a number of steps that take place during the placement process. A staffing specialist will start with a telephone screen and may decide to then have a full interview. During this conversation, you and your staffing specialist will discuss your previous work experience, career goals, professional preferences and accomplishments, along with top requirements from the employer's point of view and how well you fit in with their company culture.

Your staffing specialist will then introduce your candidacy to our client company and we will serve as a liaison to streamline the process. We arrange all telephone and in-person meetings as well as assist in all negotiations for a smooth and successful outcome. If this is your first time working with Strategic IT Staffing to find a job, learn tips on how to make your search process easier.

Who pays for the job placement service?

Strategic IT Staffing’s job placement services are offered free of charge to candidates. Client companies who utilize us to find skilled professionals to fulfill their staffing needs pay for the services we offer.

What is the typical duration of a contract assignment?

The duration of a contract assignment typically varies according to the needs of the client company and can range from short term to long term. At Strategic IT Staffing, we strive to connect candidates with contract positions that suit their professional goals and other preferences; however, the length of an assignment is subject to the client company's needs and how well the contractor performs.

Aside from job placement, what other services does Strategic IT Staffing offer to candidates?

Our staffing agency does more than just connect chosen candidates to unique employment opportunities with companies. In addition to our job search services, we offer resume assistance, and interview guidance as well as other helpful resources to help you land the job you desire. Tap into the knowledge and expertise our team members possess, including the inside scoop on companies, and current social networking trends to jumpstart your job search.

If you have more questions about the services Strategic IT Staffing offers, contact a staffing specialist. We’ll address all your questions regarding job placement.